• Womanizer Pro W500 Magenta/Lace

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    Womanizer Pro W500 Magenta/Lace

    From all the research we've done this is the next BEST thing!  The company that produces these things are guaranteeing you'll have an explosive orgasm, and multiples at that!  There are claims that 50% of the women that try the Womanizer will have an orgasm within 60 seconds!  The only negatives we could find is that ...it's NOT waterproof, and of course the name is a turn definite TURN OFF as well as it's a little on the light side but other than that it's had incredible reviews!  This unique pleasure toy was created in Germany and even available in a Swarovski Crystal version for $600 (if you'd like that one e-mail us and we'll make it happen, it is beautiful but a little out of our price range).  

    Devote yourself to orgasmic pleasures of unknown intensity with this sensual stimulator that makes a touchless and intense stimulation of the clitoris possible for the first time. Women witness waves of ecstasy which cause moments of absolute loss of control. The womanizer lets your body quiver with excitement.


    The NEW Womanizer Deluxe (W500) is Europe’s top-selling intimate pleasure device. With touchless stimulation through revolutionary PleasureAir Technology the NEW Womanizer Deluxe (W500) produces fast, often multiple orgasms on demand.

    • 100% Waterproof

    • With 8 intensity levels — Womanizer Deluxe (W500) covers a wider spectrum than the Womanizer Delight (W100) with a lower more intense low and a more powerful high

    • New ergonomic comfort support operation with easy to use swivel switch controls and stunning Swarovski Elements on/off switch

    • Comes with easy to clean interchangeable silicone passion head in two sizes Small(S) and Medium(M) to accommodate all users comfortably.

    • Each unit is individually registered with the manufacturer

    Each individual unit contains

    - 1 Womanizer Deluxe (W500)

    - 1 USB charging cable

    - 1 instruction manual

    - Silicone head x 2 (S) & (M)