• Sportsheets Neck & Wrist Restraint

    C$60.99 C$50.97

    Sportsheets Neck & Wrist Restraint

    An undeniably sexy bondage set from Sportsheets, the Neck & Wrist Restraint will certainly help you and your playmate get into some extremely exciting compromising positions together. A sturdy, soft neoprene collar connects to a waist length (approximately) strap with hardy metal D-rings placed at even intervals. With the included pair of Sports Cuffs, you can position either the wrists or ankles in countless ways by attaching them to the rings, which can be placed at the back or front of the body, depending on which way you wear it. Aside from the cuffs, this restraint is ideal for use with all of Sportsheet's bondage accessories, plus other compatible cuffs, tethers, ropes, and leashes you may already own.

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