O Pleasure Gel by O'MY

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O Clitoral Stimulating Gel
14 ml Tube

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Review: Brenda, I always tell my partner he's like a microwave always ready to go in seconds but for me it take a little longer to "warm the oven" but with O Pleasure Gel it stimulates my clitoris and feel sooooo good getting me to where I want to be a whole lot sooner. I totally recommend this product to all the women out there with "conventional ovens" :0)!!

Ohhhh, O'My! O Pleasure Gel is a clitoral foreplay product and clitoral stimulant.  The key word here is clitoral and O'My is right!! Put a tear drop sized amount of gel on your finger and massage directly on to your clit. O Pleasure Gel warms and tingles and enhances, bring your orgasms experience to the next level.  
Paraben free (meaning, will not cause skin irritation), 
latex compatible (meaning, will not destroy your condom) 
water based (meaning, won't stain your sheets)
Ohhhh sooooo good!!