Kama Sutra As One

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Kama Sutra As One

Kama Sutra products are a HUGE favorite for us at Forbidden Apple and we stand behind the brand 100%.  It's a brand that's been around for more than 45 years!  We offer Canadian pricing which is cheaper than going direct :0)... We have no overhead so we're able to pass along the savings to YOU!   XXOO

Kama Sutra Intensify Her Pleasure AND Prolong his Passion duo pack.

Two intimate products are included for both his and her pleasure. Prolong for him as well as an Intensifier for her equals a hot and steamy night of passionate love making. 


• INTENSIFY PLUS Warming female sensual gel
• PLEASURE BALM® PROLONGING desensitizing gel for men

Intensify's sensation begins as a warm, soft glow and then intensifies into a deeply satisfying warmth as the area is stimulated. The scent of spicy cinnamon heats up the mood. Pleasure Balm Prolonging Gel provides a mild tingling, desensitizing sensation which can help increase sexual stamina and performance.

• Two intimate products included 2 x 12 ml bottles
• A product for both his and her pleasure in mind
• Prolongs as well as intensifies lovemaking for him and her