• Limited Edition Fantasy Strap


    Quickly and smoothly hoisting a playmate's arms (or legs) up over the head, Fetish Fantasy's Fantasy Strap is a supremely versatile bondage-geared restraint that installs easily just about anywhere. Using a simple eyelet screw and some common tools, the Strap affixes to ceiling or desired door-frame. 

    A long, heavy duty strap measuring in at 8 feet (2.4m) threads through a loop at the end of the screw, holding tight to two plush-lined nylon cuffs. When bound around a mate's wrists or ankles, the opposite end of the strap can be tugged to quickly raise the cuffs (and body parts they're holding captive) high in the air. The required eyelet screw is included, please note that it is not intended to hold excessive weight, so the Strap should never be used for suspension play.