Best Sex Toys 2022

New Womanizer Starlet 3 all 5 colours grouped

The Best Sex Toys to buy in 2022, carried over from 2021 for Men & Women are the Air Technology stimulators.  View the the Sex Toys 2022 will offer!

We CUM a long way baby and here are some of the top-selling sex toys for 2021 and the must-have toys for Men and Women in 2022! Sexual wellness is an important part of life, embrace it and enjoy it with some of these amazing new sex toys.

When it comes to sex toys, there are so many different things that people can be interested in. This article will explore the top sex toys in 2022. Find the most popular sex toys that are tried and proven to work. Have a quick review of each adult toy.

Popular sex toys in 2022

Sex toys in 2022 are a great way to stimulate and keep them entertained. They are perfect for adults to explore and play new games. There are a lot of different types of toys that have been created over the years.

Some adult toys have been around for centuries and some were invented this year. Adult sex toys are not just for one gender, they can be used to help all adults. Since there are so many different types of sex toys it can be hard to choose which one is best for you. Not to worry though, there is one thing that all adult toys have in common and that is the joy they bring to people who use them. Find the best female sex toy collection in Canada. We have a variety of sex toys for women and men. Including vibrating butt plug for new sex experiences, and rechargeable sex toys like the original magic wand rechargeable!

Womanizer Vibratorator For Women

The New Womanizer Premium 2 and Womanizer Starlet 3, we’re not sure how they could improve on perfection, but they keep coming up with something new.  As well as the We-Vibe Melt that will take us well into the next year.  LELO also came out with the LELO Enigma where they have added external stimulation to their air pulsation toy.  These toys are taking over the market and social media such as The Inya Rose that came out in early 2021.  A discreet unassuming pleasuring device in the shape of a rose that offered knee-shaking orgasms.  The market was flooded with all sorts of wannabe Rose sex toys geared towards young women looking for a discreet sex toy.   

New to the market is the Lora DiCarlo line that started from zero in 2019 to $7.5M in 2021! With 11 new products with two of them being, yes you guessed it airflow technology.  The Baci and Ose 2 are two of Lora DiCarlo’s air pulsation sex toys delivering amazing orgasms and pleasure to women around the globe.

The Sex Toys for Men in 2022

Air Technology Hands-Free type masturbators topped the sex toy charts for men in 2021 and still climbing steadily.  The new area of no stoke pleasure is here to stay.  Once developed for men with spinal cord injuries as well as men with ED are now the mainstream (or should we say MANstream) for the male population. 

The Arc Wave Ion – Male Masturbator

A “Newcumer” in 2021 from We-Vibe Wow Technologies is the Arc Wave Ion featuring PLEASURE AIR. A powerful new type of male masturbator stimulation based entirely on pulsating airwaves. Ion promises some of the most intense orgasms yet as it targets the Pacinian pleasure receptors. Yes, it sounds as good as it is. This popular male sex toys in 2022 is sure to please.

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux lets you go hands-free with the clever wrist-strap remote, and push power to the limits when you unleash the LUX’s dedicated Turbo button! Furthermore, taken one step further is the Pulse Solo Lux is the Pulse Solo Interactive with Remote Control.  Features are just that INTERACTIVE, where you are able to connect to video content that stimulates and pulsates as your favorite stars get busy together.

The must have Autoblow AI- AKA- Blow job machine

Lastly, the Autoblow A.I. Yes, it is also known as the blow job machine! Plug it in, lube up, insert your penis, and enjoy the ride! Enjoy 10 Autoblow machine experiences powered by artificial intelligence. This magic gadget will make your penis feel fantastic. The Autoblow feels more like a human than any other toy out there and feels less like a machine. Buy the Auto Blow now online In Canada!

Note: some of these toys for men do have an average size limit and may not work as well on someone below or an over average size.  Please read up on each item before purchasing. 

Adult Toys From The Past

What is in store for the sexual revolution of the future? We can only speculate but taking a look back on the past 300 years we literally cum a long way baby! Read more about the history of sex toys.

We have come a long way in technology and comfort.

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