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Dear Kajira,

With the world opening up again and travel being more frequent for me in my job, I’m looking to purchase something that I can take with me on business trips. I’m in a committed relationship and while my partner can go on some trips with me, the longer ones I will be by myself and would like something to help relieve the stress. Do you have any ideas on sleeves or other masturbators for men that would be easy to pack?


Back in business

Dear Back in Business,

Isn’t it great to be back to traveling? I know I have missed it quite a bit. Let’s get right to it. There are four products that I think might fit what you are looking for, the PDX Elite Vibrating Pussy, the PDX Elite Moto-Bator 2 Thrusting, the PDX Plus Perfect Pussy Dream Stroker, and the Autoblow AI Blow Job Sex Machine. All of them will get the job done, it’s just a matter of what your preference is. They range from 30 bucks to 400 bucks. Let’s start with the lowest cost and work our way up.

PDX Plus Perfect Pussy Dream Stroker – $29.99

This option is made of Fanta-Flesh material which makes it extremely lifelike but flexible enough to be compacted into a travel bag. Its sculpted with all the fine details inside and out for maximum pleasure. It can be used with water or silicon based lube though I highly recommend water based as it’s easier on the material than silicon. After use you’ll want to clean it with a professional toy cleaner. I’ve listed my favorite one below. 

Option number two is the PDX Elite Vibrating Pussy – $31.30

This masturbator is perfect for the ultimate discretion. It’s contained in a canister that at a quick glance looks like it could be a body wash or larger deodorant. It does have an image on the outside of the container that gives it away but it’s simple enough to place that facedown in any travel bag that may be passing through security. It does vibrate so batteries may have to be removed during travel but you would have to check airline policy for anything containing batteries, which can be done via airline websites. A little bit of legwork to enjoy the touchable lips and clit outside, and the tight interior that comes lined in massaging nubs that rub and roll in time with strokes.

With that said, it does come with three LR44 batteries, so no need to remember to get them for that first use. As with all toys, lube is recommended and in this case I would recommend a water based one. A plus on this is that with proper cleaning and care, the softness that it has right out of the box can be maintained by using the Refresh line of products. Cleaning with their toy cleaner, letting it dry and then applying their toy powder keeps is nice and supple for ages.

Next up is the PDX Elite Moto-Bator 2 Thrusting – $188.99

Stepping up the experience a bit this can be used hands-free. It has a revamped motor from its predecessor for a more powerful suction, vibration, and thrusting action. Suction and thrusting can be enjoyed both together and separately! Rechargeable, there are no batteries to replace, just a USB cord that can be plugged into a charging block or a laptop. Three suction modes, two thrusting speeds, and five vibration patterns may just have you running late for that meeting you are traveling for. Like the other masturbators I mentioned, this also has massaging nubs on the inside and the sleeve is removable for cleaning or manual fun. 

Last but not least we have the Autoblow AI Blow Job Sex Machine – $299.99 

This is the ultimate when it comes to solo play. Before I go any further I should mention that due to the casing on this there is a size requirement for girth. It’s not recommended for use if  you have a girth of more than 16.5 cm. Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s geek out on this one together. The Autoblow computer has 10 different blowjob types that are powered by artificial intelligence. It comes with one sleeve but interchangeable sleeves can be purchased and they are all made from a skin like material for a realistic feel and can be cleaned with plain old soap and water or a water based toy cleaner.

What makes it work?

The Autoblow AI has an all-metal motor that is rated to last for 500+ hours. This particular masturbator runs on wall power. No batteries to replace and no waiting for it to charge. If there’s a plug that puts out between 110 V and 240V you can use it right away. See what I did there? I’d see myself out, but I’m not done telling you about all the things that make this awesome. While all this tech may be too much for some it really does allow for the most realistic lowboy from an intimate object out there.

Lubes and Cleaners

I promised that I would give you some advice on lubes and cleaners that will work with any of the items I have shared with you, so here you go. 

My favorite water based lube is Fuckwater Water-Based Clear. It’s inexpensive and travels well. It’s glycerin-free so it never dries sticky and is easy to clean up with water.

As far as toy cleaners go, the Adam Male Toy Cleaner is a great one that is also inexpensive. It’s safe for silicone, glass, metal, and CyberSkin® toys. It’s also water-based and triclosan-free.

So there you have it. I hope that was helpful. Whatever you do decide to go with, have fun and travel safe.


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