AdultTime is More Fun Than Ever!

In the last newsletter we told you all about the new partnership with AdultTime and how you can use interactive toys with their service. We told you about the Hot Octopuss and Lovesense toys that we carry that work with their amazing lineup of videos. And last but not least, we promised a review of the service and of the toys that work with it. Our friend Sayre volunteered as tribute to try everything out and she’s back with her thoughts on all of it. Strap in (or on) and let’s get this party started.

Sayre’s thoughts on AdultTime and their content.

FA: So Sayre, now that you’ve had a chance to check out the content, what do you think of AdultTime?

SA: What do I think? I think that it’s an amazing concept and a lot more fun that I thought it would be. The amount of channels and categories alone is impressive, but when you start digging into the content, you find that there’s something for everyone. I’m a bit partial to the taboo content myself and have found in the past that when looking for something to watch that is in that category I’m faced with the choice of watching something that looks like it was filmed in a basement and skeevy to say the least or something that is badly cast it’s unwatchable. AdultTime has managed to find that perfect balance of sexy and it could actually happen. That’s hard to do.

FA: Did you find that the actors represented the overall population well? You know, like body type, age, orientation or lack there of?

SA: I did. They have five main categories which are straight, lesbian, bisexual, trans, and gay. Within those categories there is a lot of variety to choose from and you can filter based on orientation if you want to. They also have 223 different channels that you can check out, AdultTime originals, and series which is something I find kind of cool.

FA: Was the site easy to navigate and could you find where to connect the toys easily?

SA: The site it super easy to find stuff on. Categories are and Channels are prominent on the left side of the site and at the top left of every video there is a button that says Interactive Toy. If it’s highlighted you can use your toys and if it’s greyed out that option is not available. You can also select the interactive toy category and it will pull up all the videos that can be synced.

FA: What are your two favorite videos. One that you can interact with and one you can’t.

SA: I would have to say that it’s hard to pick just two. There are so many good ones. But if you twist my arm I would probably say that for non-interactive it would have to be The Secretary and for interactive it would probably be A Not So Secret Snatch Admirer (you’ll have to sign up or at least do the trial to see what I’m talking about. I will give you a quick visual though.

The Secretary

A Not So Secret Snatch Admirer

FA: I hear you recruited a guy friend of yours to test out the Hot Octopuss toy. Did he have a favorite video for that?

SA: He sure did. Ass-clusivity. According to him the POV on that one and the way it was shot overall is quite enticing and the Hot Octopuss Pulse (which they had never used before) was an added pleasure. More on that later.


FA: Sounds like there’s a lot to enjoy there for everyone.

SA: There sure is. I don’t have time to go over all the ones we looked at, but I can say that it’s definitely worth giving AdultTime a go. I’m pretty sure it won’t disappoint.

FA: So let’s talk about the toy you tried out. You had three to pick from. Which one did you go with?

SA: I went with the Lush 3 Remote Control Egg. They’re all great toys, but I liked the idea of it being something that my partner and I could use outside of watching videos just in case we decide to get frisky. The Lush 3 is great for that because it’s something that if you were adventurous you could wear out and give your partner the remote.

FA: What feature do you like the best on the Lush 3?

SA: I would have to say that it’s the ability to sync it to music and video chat through the app. It’s also waterproof and your partner can control it through the app while they are with you or if they’re far way.

FA: Now that sounds like fun! You’ll have to check back in with us if you try that feature out.

SA: I will, .definitely.

FA: Okay, now I’d like to know what your friend though about the Pulse.

SA: Sure! He wasn’t sure he was going to like it at first, but it turned out to be good for him. His favorite part is that you can use it hands free or with lube as a stroker. It’s water proof and connects to an app that works like the one for the Lush 3. Outside of the interactive videos I think that’s his favorite part. Being able to have some ‘unexpected’ help via the app. He also discovered the Turbo setting that comes in at 4,450rpm of sheer power and the ultimate climax.

FA: So it sounds like you covered just about everything that was teased in the last post. Is there anything that you want to add?

SA: I just wanted to remind the awesome people reading this that the promo for the Hot Octopuss line is still going on, so if they want to try it out they can get 10% off anything in the line, but if they are planning to try out AdultTime they’ll want to grab the Pulse. It would make an amazing Father’s Day gift too.

FA: That’s right! The promo code octopussy is good until the 15th of June. Well awesome, thanks again for volunteering to test everything out and report back.

SA: Happy to do it!

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