Smart Balls Classic Style by Fun Factory

C$39.95 C$29.95

Smartballs - a deeply feminine pleasure SMARTBALLS will let you experience a wide range of emotions and motion, because their friendly texture will give way to intimate massage, from slow and smooth initially, then shifting slowly to ever more caressing and exciting feelings so hard to describe you just have to go out of your way to get a hold of them. They will become your new best friend in a heartbeat. SMARTBALLS are made of medical grade, hypoallergenic, non-pourous Elastomed, which is very durable and very easy to clean. The unique design, velvety smooth surface and SMARTBALLS –a deeply feminine pleasure numerous color combinations are pleasing to the eye. The patented manufacturing process makes our SMARTBALLS the quietest balls in the world. SMARTBALLS – for more sexy fun because they train vaginal as well as pelvic floor muscles. Recommended by midwives, and not only for postpartum exercise, but so much more...!

Pink/Rose colour only

Dimension: 1.6 in x 4 in
Ribbon: 3.7 in
Material: Elastomed