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    NEW CYBERSEX experience has arrived!!

    Okay this looks pretty cool!! This video below is a bit of a spoof on the Twerking Butt but hey if you can afford it WHY NOT!!  If I had a penis for a day and the money to purchase this toy, I'd want try this!  If you look at the amount of time and money you spend on dinner dates this could be a great alternative.  You don't have to take her to dinner, she'll never have a head ache, she'll be ready to go 24-7 and it's looks like it would look and feel pretty close to the real thing!  She'd also make the perfect threesome for a daring twosome :0).  What people do in the privacy of your own home with consenting adults is their business, making our customers happy is our business! 

    See all product details below the video (NOTE: prices spoken about in the Video are in USD which makes Forbidden Apple a MUCH better deal for sold in CANADIAN dollars)

    Twerking Features:

    Twerk Like A Pro! Imagine a sensual device so advanced in technology, it allows you to experience the ultimate in cyber passion with motion and movement so real, you’ll never see it coming.

    Feel the Heat! It is no exaggeration to say that TwerkingButt feels like the real deal! With a warming temperature of 96.8 degrees, it blurs the line between peak fantasy and passionate reality.

    Peak Effects! TwerkingButt comes with a full range of effects that create an experience you can’t resist. Load your music playlist, move to the erotic rhythm, enjoy every pleasurable moment, and erect your imagination!

    Master Masseuse! Loaded with multiple massage settings to enhance every aspect of action! Addiction is inevitable once you fully immerse yourself in the explosive experience


    What’s Included:
    TwerkingButt Deluxe with Twerking Technology
    Cyberskin+ VR headset (may differ from video / phone not included)
    Power adaptor & cable
    Power plug converter
    Water jet for cleaning
    Storage bag for TwerkingButt

    Forbidden Apple will also include some refresh powder and some quality water based lube as a thank you for shopping with us!