• Fun Factory Yooo clitoral vibrator

    C$109.95 C$54.95

    Who would have thought that 3 little balls could be so much FUN? The new, stylish, futuristic lay-on vibrator – YOOO – is fantastically easy and effective.

    The streamlined form of the three balls entices users to experiment. It applies a brilliant formula - three balls and 2 motors - for new heights of pleasure. And thanks to the innovative CLICK 'N' CHARGE technology, pleasure is endless.

    Enjoy the YOOO principle - 3 balls, 2 motors, perfect climax!

    Special Features

    • The totally new form entices users to experiment
    • 100% waterproof
    • Rechargeable
    • Illuminated LOOP control element with 'Magic Touch' function
    • One touch buttons for intuitive control
    • BOOSTER button for instant program selection
    • Two powerful motors for intense stimulation
    • Thrilling vibration effects from the two motors
    • Infinitely adjustable vibration intensities
    • 3 vibration programs
    • Vibration body made of 100% silicone
    • Easy and intuitive to use