Breast Enlarger-Fetish Fantasy Auto Vac


This is something that neither of us have tried, so you may want to check online reviews.  If you are looking to increase your breast size considerably it is our personal opinion that this probably isn't going to do it BUT, If you enjoy the sensation of having your breasts sucked on and looking at a possible slight increase then this product maybe for you! 

Instantly increase your breast size with this amazing Auto-VAC Breast Enlarger.  With the push of a button, the powerful motor creates a gentle suction action, making your breasts quickly swell in size as your nipples perk with pleasure!  Once you've reached your desired size, simply press the quick release button to relieve the pressure and your girlz are ready to play.  

The see-through acrylic cup gives you a clear view to watch your breasts become larger and fuller right before your eyes!  The soft silicone ring ensures a perfect fit as it forms a tight seal against your skin while the whisper-quiet motor discreetly creates a sensuous vacuum.  

This high-tech boob pump isn't JUST for breast enlargement!  This automatic pump doubles as an incredible orgasm aid during sex or solo pla.  Increase your nipple sensitivity and stimulate the nerves or your areola all at the same time.