• Booty Glove


    Booty Glove SM/Medium or
    Medium - X-Large

    The Booty Glove is an incredibly versatile sex toy for sensual massage and more.  It can be enjoyed solo or with a partner and made for both men and women. The extremely soft, thick and durable material is textured to add pleasure and the fingers are nubbed for rubbing the Clitoris, G Spot penetration and anal play. The webbing has a penetrable opening for the head of the penis to pop through for extreme thrusting. The Booty Glove adds sexual stimulation to just about any foreplay act.

    It fits like a glove on either right or left hands and the perfect thickness to add pleasure and still be able to enjoy your same stroking technique and pressure on your penis. The Booty Glove can be used for an erotic body rub down and massages as well. Just add your favorite lube, lotion or oil. The TPR material is body safe and is easy to clean with just soap and water. After drying with a hand towel the Booty Glove can be safely stored away in a bedside drawer.