• Gold Balls - Velvet Box

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    Product Description

    Work your sex muscles and enjoy ultra discreet, constant stimulation anywhere are and anytime with a pair of Ben Wa Balls Balls. These weighted gold balls are meant to be inserted into the vagina, where they move when you do for constant, teasing pleasure. This style of toy is truly ancient, with a variety of uses throughout history. Today, their main benefit, aside from pleasure, is the strengthening effect the balls can have on the pelvic muscles, since flexing and un flexing these muscles causes stimulation. Your set of Balls could be worn all day, or for a hour or so before sex to get you all revved up. Balls are 2.1 inches around and weigh about 1.5 oz combined. Velvety blue jewelry style box included for storage.

    It's products purpose is to tighten your kegel muscles. You might want to warm the balls up somehow before you insert them in yourself unless cold balls in you is your thing. :)