Forbidden Apple pleasure parties are anything but a night in with your friends. From laughing out loud entertainment to "I can't believe I never knew that!"  From the moment you book your party or event with us, we want to make sure your experience is absolutely fabulous with everyone having memories to last a lifetime.


Book a party with Forbidden Apple today and have a fun night with friends at no cost to you.  Parties usually last up to 3 hours depending on questions, purchases and how much fun all your friends are having. 


ALL shopping is 100% confidential.  We will set up a private purchasing area away from the party.  Items are placed into a privacy bag, and in most cases taken home that night, so the fun can continue all night long!  If you want an item we don't have, just ask and we will have it ordered in for you. 


Planning a home party?  Stag, Stagette, Jack and Jill, Private Party, Birthday Party, or Corporate Event?

Ask us about party ideas and themes.


Host/Hostess incentive program 

Fullfill "keep your date" commitment and receive a $15.00 hostess/host gift

$300 to $500 in sales, receive 10% of party sales in FREE product

$500 to $750 in sales receive 10% of party sales in FREE product *PLUS 25% off one item

$750 to $1,000 in sales receive 10% of party sales in FREE product *PLUS ONE half price item

$1000  or more in sales receive  10% of sales in FREE products PLUS *TWO half price items


 **We-Vibe, Fleshlight, Lelo, Tenga do not apply for discounts. Based on total sales before tax, shipping and handling, ask your consultant for more details.


Q & A


How many people should I have at my party?

To have a successful party, more is always better but the perfect numbers seem to be 12 to 15.

We do ask that there be no less than 8 (including yourself) but we will bend the rule occasionally

depending on the group. 


What if I need to cancel?

Please be respectful of our time and give us as much notice as possible so we can fill your spot.

A last minute cancellation is a loss of time and wages for FA and our consultants. 


Can I invite men to my party?

Absolutely! but best to decide ahead of time if this is a Couples or Singles party.  Mixing could make some singles feel uncomfortable. 


What is better a singles or couples party?

It has been our experience that a singles party seems to work the best. People will usually spend 

the same amount regardless if their partner is there or not BUT if you have the room for couples go

for it, as we say more is always better.


How can we pay for purchases?

We accept all major credit cards as well as cash and all immediate e-transfers.  We will not longer

accept Cheques!

Can I request that specific items be brought for my Party?


Yes, we will do our best and accommodate and bring in special request items.  If this is a Gay and/or Lesbian party please let us know in advance so we know what items to bring. 


Should I supply food and drinks?

A party isn't a party without a little food and drink.  Ask your friends to bring along a little something 

and BYOB to keep costs down.  


Do you supply Strippers?


YES we supply strippers.  We have some of the BEST dancers!!  If you'd like one of our strippers at your event please let us know well in advance as they book up quite quickly.  The charge for a Stripper is $200 flat fee plus they except gratuities :0).  There is a $100 deposit required at the time of booking and the remainder to paid in cash the day of the event.  If you have to change the date or cancel one of our dancers please do so at least 10 days before our scheduled event.  Those cancelled after that will incur a $50 penalty fee. 




Hostess Tips


                  Make sure there is Music.  A party isn’t a party without music!

                  Shooters at the door are always a great party starter and will loosen up the guest. :0)

                  No babies, no kids everyone must be over 18!

                  Do you have Wi-Fi have password ready for your FA consultant she/he will needed for credit      card payment

                  Let your guest know that payment methods Cash, e-transfers or credit, sorry no debit at this time

                  WE need VIP Parking for our consultants with easy access to bring in product and leave when the parties over.

                  A display table in the front of the room

                  Seats arranged in an half circle if possible (lap game, and viewing)

                  Don’t put too many extra chairs until they are needed. (Shows cancellations)

                  Ask to have a separate area or room available for orders.

                  Make sure guests know the party starts 30 minutes BEFORE the show.

                  Invites guests at least a week prior to the event.

                  Reminds guest a day before and the day of the party.  A quick text saying she can’t wait to see them tonight etc.

                  Encourage friends bring more friends!  More people mean more sales!

                  If there are any particular toys you or your group maybe interested in please let us know so we can tailor your party accordingly.

                  Remember to tell FA a couple hours before exactly how guests are expected so we can bring enough inventory and order forms.

                  Add your event on Facebook and E-vite but don't rely on digital media alone.  You need to pick up the phone and invite your guests personally so you can answer any questions they might have.

                  Don't stress this is a FUN night and we want you to enjoy yourself as much as your guests will.